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Pioneer Collection

By its very meaning, ‘pioneer’ denotes a sense of discovery, exploration and innovation. From the deepest depths of our oceans to the soaring skies above, the collection is a celebration of adventure and everything the earth has to offer. Reflected in a diverse yet contemporary palette, the essence of Pioneer is captured through a combination of delicate line work and pointillism, eye-catching geometric shapes and nature-inspired patterns. 

Seven Sisters Collection

Since the dawn of time the Pleiades star constellation, also known as the Seven Sisters, has been a source of mystery and myth. From the Ancient Greeks who believed the stars were nymphs (the daughters of Atlas, a Titan who held up the sky), to Aboriginal Australia with its tales of unrequited love and an endless dance around the horizon.

This simple pattern in the night sky has taken on great importance to different cultures and leads you on a journey through history and time.

Kinfolk Collection

Kinfolk, meaning family or those close to you, is a celebration of all things MissPrint; bold new wallpaper designs are brought together with a selection of MissPrint classics on their ten-year anniversary, including Little Trees, Dandelion Mobile and Mountains. Using new print techniques and a clean fresh colour palette the collection characterises and defines the true spirit of MissPrint.