3 Palettes for the Home this Autumn

3 Palettes for the Home this Autumn

25th Aug 2021

Synonymous with chilly walks in rustling leaves, cosy evenings on the sofa and crisp mornings, autumn exudes a feeling of comfort and warmth. Palettes of rust oranges, deep yellows, dark greens and navy blues are ideal for bringing a sense of cosiness into the home.

Combined with layers of throws, comfy cushions and mood lighting, the perfect autumn scheme can be achieved with ease. We’ve taken our three favourite autumn-inspired palettes to give you some decorating tips on how to get your home ready for the colder months.

Autumn Greens

Image credits: Brooklyntweed.blogspot.com, Moonandtrees.tumblr.com, Villabetula.com, Creamcornwall.co.uk, Mariakillam.com


The link to nature means that green is an ideal choice for cosy and autumn-inspired interior schemes. From deep emeralds to softer sage shades, green is a versatile colour that offers a sense of depth, whilst being both stylish and inviting.

Our tip for decorating with green is to pair with complementary tones and add lots of layers! Dark wood furniture will sit beautifully against green walls, but some crisp white linen will also add a beautiful contrast without taking away from that cosy feeling.

Image credits: Pinterest, Stilvolstyling.com

And finally, you can never have too many cushions in our opinion! Fill your sofas and chairs with plenty of plush cushions, mix up materials like velvets and linens in varying shades of green to create a space that you’ll never want to leave!

Cosy Blues

Image credits: Etsy.com, Autumncozy.tumblr.com, Markscottphotography.co.uk, Allwomenstalk.com

Blue evokes a sense of calm and stillness. Both on-trend and stylish, a deep navy is guaranteed to instil a feeling of comfort in the home. Patterned blue wallpapers with accents of contrasting colours are a great way of making a cosy statement that will look great all year round. From metallic flecks to white geometric patterns, blue wallpapers are extremely versatile and will suit a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern.

Image credits: Etsy.com

A great base colour, use other shades to contrast against blue when decorating. Bursts of orange, pink or a complementary green coming through in your furniture and accessories will add some interest and create a wonderfully cohesive interior. Don’t forget about those chunky knit throws either, you can get such a gorgeous range of blue wool colours so easily, so you can ensure you are kept warm in style throughout the winter months!

Mellow Yellows

Often associated with the warmer months and the sunshine, it’s easy to assume that yellow isn’t a go-to autumn shade. However, if you think about the colours found in nature, the tones on pumpkins and the warmth that the colour can bring, you soon realise that it is the perfect autumn-inspired tone.

Image credits: Pineandivy.com, Essentialhome.eu, Etsy.com, Pinterest.com

Beautiful when paired with deeper rust shades, natural browns or greens, yellow will bring both joy and a feeling of relaxation into the home. A wonderful reflection of the colours you see when you peer out the window, pair a yellow interior with vases full of twigs and bare foliage for that ultimate autumn feel. Evoking a hint of mid-century charm, a yellow wallpaper will work as a beautiful backdrop to retro-style wood furniture as well as more rustic, farmhouse wood finishes. The key to success when decorating with yellow is to be brave – don’t hold back! If used correctly, it will soon become your new favourite shade!

For more inspiration on how to decorate with different colours, head over to our Pinterest!

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