Botanical Wallpaper Designs

Botanical Wallpaper Designs

28th Jul 2020

From big and bold leaf patterns to delicate tropical-inspired prints, the trend for botanical design, in particular wallpaper, has been making its way into our homes for quite some time now and we must admit, we still absolutely love it! Capturing the true essence of nature in contemporary colour palettes, our abstract, botanical wallpaper designs are guaranteed to bring an organic vibrancy to your interior. Featuring earthy hues, exotic teals and leafy greens paired with hints of coral, our botanical wallpaper patterns provide a confident approach to bringing colour and natural design into the modern home.

Big & Bold Botanical Leaf Wallpaper

For those of you who aren’t afraid to make a statement, take a look at our big leaf print wallpapers. Inspired by the banana plant’s large leaves, the Jungle collection is ideal for injecting some tropical-inspired fun into your home. From utility rooms to living rooms, there’s nowhere in the home that this wallpaper won’t work. Offering a slightly softer silhouette but still in a large-scale pattern, the Deep Sea design delivers an underwater twist to the botanical trend. For maximum impact, pair these big and bold designs wallpapers with complementary shades and a variety of textures and finishes.

Dark Botanical Wallpaper Designs

Botanical wallpapers don’t necessarily have to be bright. A dark and moody leafy print can add sumptuous character and style to a space with ease. A deep teal or navy palette will always work well with a botanical pattern and add a stylish twist to your interior. Downstairs cloakrooms are always a great place to experiment with dark colours and pattern. If you do choose to go for a dark wallpaper in a larger room such as the living room, make sure you coordinate the rest of your room with the pattern. Shown here in the Atlantis colourway, our Deep Sea wallpaper looks stunning paired with gold finishes, dark wood floors and soft velvet textures.

Go for Greens

To add some extra depth and interest, go for a botanical wallpaper that incorporates different shades of green. Whether you opt for a lighter background adorned with an eye-catching darker green design or an additional third pop of colour, there are so many colour combinations to work with to really bring your walls to life. Our Tropics wallpaper in the Jungle colourway is the perfect example of a beautiful green colour mixture whilst the Snowdrops Evergreen design brings together a lighter and darker green as well as a hint of coral for extra charm. To really bring the colour to life in your botanical-inspired scheme, add some real greenery to your interior. The Little Botanical's Jungle Plant Gang  is the perfect accompaniment to any of our green wallpapers - a cool combo of three plants, they're guaranteed to add some sought-after urban jungle vibes to your overall scheme. 

Light & Bright Botanical Wallpaper

A common worry when using pattern on the walls is that it will overpower a space or make it feel more cramped. However, using a wallpaper with a white or light background will do just the opposite! White and green are the ideal pairing and we have plenty of light botanical wallpaper designs to choose from. From the busy but beautiful House Plants to the delicate Palm Tree design, we have a whole host of nature-inspired prints suited to different styles and tastes.

From the large-scale leaf motifs of the Tropics and Jungle wallpaper to the delicate line art of Palm Tree and intricate detailing of the Snowdrop design, each and every one of our unique and beautifully bold eco designs considers the latest trends in both pattern and colour to bring together an inspirational selection of nature-inspired prints. Offering a playful take on the botanical trend, our extensive collection of hand-illustrated wallpapers will look at home teamed with mid-century furniture pieces or a pared-back Scandinavian aesthetic.

Explore our wallpaper collections and discover the perfect botanical design for you and your home! Don’t forget to tag us on social media and show us how you style your homes!


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