How to Create a Bold Cloakroom with Wallpaper

How to Create a Bold Cloakroom with Wallpaper

25th Oct 2021

Cloakrooms are ideal for embracing unique style and making a bold statement. They may be small in size, but they can certainly pack a punch! Ensuring big impact in small spaces, colourful and patterned wallpaper is perfect for cloakrooms, from bold geometric designs to large-scale botanical prints. Here, we take a look at some of our favourite cloakroom designs with our wallpaper, including some from you, our very own customers!

Match your paint and bold wallpaper

A fantastic and popular way to really create a striking look is to pair a brightly coloured wallpaper with complementary paint in the same base colour. Commonly, the paint will be on the lower half of the walls with your eye-catching wallpaper on the upper half. It’s so easy to have paint colour matched to the exact shade you need, just take your wallpaper sample into a store and have them make an exact match, doing this will mean your room will come together seamlessly! Here, @bonnetsgardenflat shows us how it’s done with our Songbird wallpaper in the bright yellow Summer colourway. Teamed with painted yellow woodwork, we can feel the joy radiating off the image, and imagine stepping into the room is an even better experience!

Image credit: @bonnetsgardenflat (left)

In a similar way, our Coral Lapis wallpaper pairs wonderfully with a colour matched lower wall in this bathroom image. With a pop of pink from the chair and the white of the ceramics shining brightly against the blue, this cloakroom will certainly leave a lasting impression!

Go floor-to-ceiling

If you’re brave and bold, consider going all-out with your wallpaper and opt for full coverage. If you’re going for the floor-to-ceiling approach, it’s important to make sure you’ve assessed how your wallpaper will look on all the walls with the lighting that’s available. Cloakrooms often have little to no lighting, and if they do have a bit of daylight that will also change how the colours look at different times of the day. Make sure you get some samples and stick them onto the different walls to figure out what it’ll look like – you don’t want any surprises when you’re all finished!

Image credits: @dentonoliverdesign (middle) & @helen_nightingale_home (right)

Large-scale leaf prints are perfect for floor-to-ceiling wallpapering, as seen here in @dentonoliverdesign’s bathroom using our Deep Sea Atlantis design. Bold geometric patterns will also create a playful aesthetic – here, @helen_nightingale_home has used our Mountains Sunrise wallpaper and paired it with modern monochrome touches to create a small cloakroom space that is anything but boring!

Make a contrast

A technique used in all areas of the home, creating a complementary contrast of colours will also work wonderfully in a cloakroom. There are a number of different ways of doing this, all of which will have just as much impact as the next.

If you’re wanting to opt for a half-painted room but don’t want to fully colour match, choose one of the shades in your wallpaper design and match it with a contrasting shade. @handinbrowne have opted for this approach in their cloakroom using our Fern Lighthouse wallpaper. The matching dark blue sits nicely against the crisp white background of the wallpaper whilst pairing with the blue tones in the pattern. You can also create a contrast with tiles, as demonstrated by @elodie_riffaud using our Songbird Summer wallpaper set against an eye-catching tile formation. Visually striking, both sections of the walls work in harmony to deliver a magnificently bold modern bathroom.

Image credits: @handinbrowne (left), @elodie_riffaud (middle), @designs_av (right).

For a slightly softer style, use a patterned wallpaper with a light background and let the pattern be the main pop of colour in your room - like @designs_av has done. This means teaming with neutral furniture and accessories, to create a statement finish in a subtle manner.

Cloakrooms are definitely one of the best places to get creative with your interior design. We have so many different colours and patterns in our wallpaper collection that we guarantee you’ll find your perfect match! Don’t forget to keep tagging us in your projects, we love seeing your spaces come to life using our designs!

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