Lessons in Hallway Decorating

Lessons in Hallway Decorating

31st Jan 2022

One of the most important rooms in the home, your hallway is the first thing you see when you step through the door. If you’re not careful, it can become a place filled with shoes, coats and everything in between! Taking the time to decorate it exactly how you like, will mean that it is a space you are proud of, and therefore will remain organised and clutter-free.  

Hallways and staircases are ideal for getting creative with wallpaper. Your hallway will connect all the rooms in your home and so can be an area where you can really let your personality come through. From large-scale prints to accent walls, we’ve collated some of our favourite ways of making a statement with wallpaper in the hallway. 

Half-way Wallpapering 

If you are not keen on full coverage, a popular option is to wallpaper half of your wall. This can be done either with the top half or the bottom half – both are just as effective and it will come down to personal preference. Here, @scruffyupholstery has chosen to wallpaper the lower part of her hallway walls in our Denver Dolly wallpaper and paint the rest of the walls in a neutral white. It’s a wonderful way to add some colour and character to the space but still keep the overall feel of the hallway open and light.  

Image credits: @scruffyupholstery (left), @runforthehillslondon (right)

In this project by @runforthehillslondon, they’ve gone for a more dramatic approach using our Guatemala Forest wallpaper. The hallway in this property can also be seen from the living space, and the wallpaper acts as a feature in both spaces. Complemented by a matching painted lower panelling, this is the perfect example of how to create a statement hallway.  

Minimalist Monochrome 

For some detail but not too much colour, opt for a monochrome patterned wallpaper. This will add some character to the space whilst keeping to a pared-back colour palette, meaning you can be more creative with different colours in other rooms if you like. Our Little Trees Monochrome wallpaper is a great choice for this approach, as demonstrated beautifully by @grassrootsdesign and @thebrampton – both hallways and entrances exude an air of modern sophistication whilst still injecting a sense of fun and personality. Staircases are also a fantastic place to carry the wallpaper through. Here, @ruthturnerdesign has teamed our Tarn Chinagraph wallpaper with dark painted railings and neutral walls for a statement effect. 

Image credits: @thebrampton (left), @grassrootsdesign (middle), @ruthturnerdesign (right)

Be Bold and Create Contrast 

If you’re quite a brave decorator and are keen to make a real impact, consider opting for two wallpapers of the same pattern in different colourways or creating a contrast between your wallpaper and painted walls. Using our Five Feathers wallpaper in two different colourways, @thechiswickproject shows us how it’s done, whilst @scenedeliesse demonstrates how to work with contrasting painted walls and patterned wallpaper using a deep terracotta red on her walls and ceiling against a feature wall of light blue using our Dandelion Mobile wallpaper.  

Image credits: @thechiswickproject (left), @scenedeliesse (right)

Full-height Wallpaper 

Of course, if you have the right light and the space lends itself well to it, choosing to fully cover your walls with wallpaper is guaranteed to result in an impressive hallway. Be brave and take the plunge, but don’t forget to use samples in the planning stages, as this will help you understand how the wallpaper will look on each of your walls at different times of the day. Our Garden City Bramble wallpaper will pair beautifully with light wood-toned furniture and flooring whilst our Saplings Sunflower and Coral Peach Blush wallpapers will add instant happiness to an interior.  

We hope we’ve inspired you to think differently about your hallway. It’s a space that can often be forgotten, but if decorated correctly can turn into one of the most interesting and creative areas in the home! Keep tagging us in your renovations at home, we love to see what you do with our wallpapers.  

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