Q&A with Rebecca Drury of MissPrint

Q&A with Rebecca Drury of MissPrint

01st Feb 2018

What inspired the new collection and designs?
As the Kinfolk collection features a selection of our classic designs, it was important to us that any new designs, which were to sit alongside the classics, not only had to represent MissPrint but also had to take us forward. Inspiration for the new designs came from some of my favourite places. For example, Tarn is inspired by walks in the mountains and the Tarns you find on the plateaus, they are always so peaceful and create such beautiful light reflections and patterns.

Hieroglyph is inspired by Egyptian writing and the pictographic forms used by ancient civilisations. When I was younger my Nan and Grandad had a wallpaper in their kitchen that had an Egyptian hieroglyph pattern, I remember spending many hours admiring it and wondering what each shape and character meant, inventing exciting stories for each of them.

Palm Trees and Hoja are classic MissPrint in their style and print technique; their inspiration comes from my love of plants. Hoja uses desert succulents and Cacti for inspiration and Palm Tree was inspired by young sapling palm trees and their classic form, a simplified version of a fully-grown palm tree.

Why did you decide to name this collection Kinfolk?
Kinfolk, meaning family or those close to you, felt like just the right name for a collection that sees the re-launch of some of our classic and much loved designs, the designs are very close to us, almost like our family.

How would you describe the spirit of the collection?
Kinfolk is a true celebration of all things MissPrint! The collection captures the typical style and look that has become synonymous with MissPrint. We’ve been told that our designs are fun, light hearted, happy and most importantly that they make people smile. It’s a really special moment when you watch someone browsing through a collection and you see that it lifts their mood and brings a smile to their face. The Kinfolk collection does just that!

If you have to determine a style for your wallpaper, what would it be?
Fun, colourful graphic patterns with a hint of Scandinavian and Mid-Century influence.

MissPrint celebrates 10 years of wallpaper this year, what does it represent to you?
I cannot believe that we have been creating wallpapers for 10 years now! It is really nice to look back and see how we have grown and developed as a company and to know that some of our first wallpaper designs are still as popular today as they were 10 years ago, is a really great feeling!

What is your process of creation?
All of our patterns are drawn by hand and begin life as a page in my sketchbook. I develop the idea and then work on creating the repeating pattern, once I am happy with the layout I start to draw up the final design repeat block. Only when the repeat block is fully complete will I work on the computer to make final adjustments and tweaks.

With what style of decoration you would see your wallpaper?
Contemporary mixed with Mid-Century Modern.

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