Top Wallpaper & Fabric Trends for 2022

Top Wallpaper & Fabric Trends for 2022

17th Nov 2021

2021 has been a year of reinvigoration, a time to rethink and restart. Our attitudes have shifted from sitting back to taking action – we no longer want to wait to see ‘what happens’, instead we are wanting to make a change and strive forwards, onwards and upwards as they say!

As we step into 2022, there will be a noticeable continuation of this positivity, which will be directly reflected in our buying and design habits. When looking at our homes, alongside a demand for colourful, bold schemes, we will also begin to see a yearning for years gone by – a reinvention of retro styles for the modern home. This sense of nostalgia won’t be melancholic, however, but instead a celebration of retro styles and things that make us happy, a true honouring of everything we love from past and present.

Here, our Co-Founder and person who puts pen to paper to bring each of our MissPrint patterns to life, Rebecca Drury, takes us through her top wallpaper and fabric trends to look out for in 2022.

Joyful Yellows

There’s no denying that the colour yellow is synonymous with feelings of joy and happiness. It’s the ideal addition to any interior and is extremely versatile, working with both modern and traditional décor schemes.

Yellow conjures feelings of positivity, it makes us feel happy and optimistic for the future – a much-needed tonic after the pandemic and global unrest. The cheerful hue has started making its way into our homes already through smaller pops and accents but it will begin to feature in a bigger and bolder way as we embrace the desire for a more positive and joyful ambience in our interiors.

Explore our yellow wallpapers here

Natural Materials, Colours & Shapes

A prevalent trend that shows no sign of fading, nature-inspired interiors come top of the list. A trend that started with an increased demand for plants in the home, we will now find that nature is inspiring numerous areas of interior design, from botanical prints and natural materials to colours and even shapes.

There are a number of different ways you can bring nature into the home. A huge range of our patterns are inspired by the beauty of the natural world. From large-scale leaves to delicate floral prints, you can dress your home in nature from head to toe with ease!

Explore our natural wallpapers here


A direct result of the trend for nature-inspired interiors, green continues to be one of the most popular colours in interior design. From deep forest green to pale mints, there is a shade for any room. This colour will add a sense of cosiness, calmness and wellbeing into the home.

One of our most popular colourways, discover our range of green wallpapers to bring this shade into your home.

Rustic Retro

Reflected in all areas of culture, from TV shows to fashion, we are noticing a definite lean towards retro style. Mixing natural materials, reclaimed wood and rattan with mid-century furniture and objects is a popular theme coming through interiors. This is a look that can work with both neutral colour palettes – think whites, stone greys, blacks and tans – or with brighter, nostalgic shades such as mustard yellow and teal blues.

If you’re thinking about bringing the latest trends into your home, let us know and don’t forget to tag us on social media when you use our wallpapers and fabrics!

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